I learned the secret to the Best Roasted Potatoes on day three of my internship. Believe me, a chorus of angels sang from on high when this secret was revealed. Over the last few months of living at the Academy I’ve noticed that if roasted potatoes are a component of dinner, it doesn’t matter how delicious the braised pork cheeks were. People will fight to the death for the last potato. They are that good.
As promised, here is the recipe:

  1. Clean and peel potatoes. If you’re not using them immediately, store in cold water so they don’t discolor.
  2. Cut potatoes into wedges.
  3. [The secret part!!!] Blanch potatoes in boiling water for a few minutes. Drop them in the water and let them sit just until the water comes back up to a boil. This creates a fat and starch paste, visible on the outside of the potato. It’s what makes them crispy, but soft on the inside. It’s what makes them so incredibly good!
  4. Drain potatoes well and toss in a bowl with salt. Toss with salt first. If you add olive oil first, it impedes the salt from flavoring the potato. Break off a piece of potato and taste it to make sure it’s the way you want it.
  5. Toss with olive oil and some garlic cloves in their “jackets” (skins), as well as herbs, if desired.
  6. Roast on a parchment-lined sheet tray at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 C) for 45 minutes to 1 hour, or until potatoes are browned and crispy.

Buon Appetito!
*There is only one way to improve these potatoes. They taste even better if, after blanching, you were to roast them on a sheet tray with some kind of delicious meat. The juices from the meat get absorbed into the potatoes, until you have the most decadent way to consume carbs known to man.