About Me:

I am a Minnesotan who’s been transplanted to Rome for the year. The impetus behind this adventure was my novel-writing husband, Peter. He wrote a wonderful book, The House of Tomorrow, which won him a year-long fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. Peter is writing a second novel this year (even as I type). And I happily signed on to be his “Fellow Traveller”- which means I’ll be spending my time writing, eating, cooking, learning Italian and exploring this beautiful new city alongside him.

About this Blog:

I write mostly about food, because I love it. But this year I’m going to expand my repertoire by writing about the sights and sounds of Rome, our travels in Italy and in Europe and about life at the American Academy, a very special place in its own right.

About the Name:

CannoliPepperoni. It’s a silly name for a blog, I know, but there’s a story behind it. When my husband was in college he spent the weekend visiting a friend in Milwaukee. If you’ve been out late at a bar in Milwaukee, or Chicago for that matter, you know what to expect. At a certain hour some guy will come in off the street, walk up to your table and try to sell you some food. In Chicago it’s tamales. In Milwaukee there’s the CannoliPepperoni guy. “CannoliPepperoni?” he’d ask in a thick Italian accent. And on to the next table. That semi-drunken night it seemed like the only thing the man knew how to say, like he could express almost any sentiment with just those two words strung together. So, “CannoliPepperoni?” I ask in an excited, anticipatory way. Are you ready to read about the beautiful, messy, unforgettable wonders of life in Rome?